Rubberduck Rampage



Time for a bath! The whole rubber duck family takes part. Help mother duck and her little ducklings on their way through the dangerous bathtub! A lot of dangerous hazards like vortexes or patches make this a tough challenge. Note that you're not allowed to touch the ducklings! But luckily you can throw stuff into the water and use the force of waves to influence their path.

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Technology used

Unity 3D, C#, Blender

Help / Controls

Your goal is to bring all ducks to the end of the level and to stay close to mother duck,

Controls: - Click water to throw bath salt. The waves will affect the ducks. - Drag & drop items in the level to create bigger waves!

Additional notes: - Avoid obstacles like patches and vortexes! - Stay close to the big duck. Only ducks which reach the end shortly after the mother (within 10 seconds) count! - Ducks will also die if they are outside the visible screen area for a few seconds - so keep the family close together! - You can't influence mother duck at all!


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This game was created
at Global Game Jam 2017

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