Robo Brawl

Three in a Row


Robo Brawl is a lokal Fighting-Game for 2-4 Players. Repair yourself with the salvaged Parts of your enemies to survive the brawl. Don‘t loose your eye or you will die!

Play online at

Team: Artjom Fransen (Gamedesign, Leveldesign & SFX/VFX) Federico Francisco Benitez (Music&SoundDesign) Inga Kriz (Gameart & Animation) Johannes Kutsch (Programming &Gamedesign)

Have Fun and (p)repair yourself. <3

Technology used

Unity engine , Spine , Photoshop

Help / Controls

Optimazed for Xbox Controller <3

Move with left analog Stick Jump with A Grab with x


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This game was created
at Global Game Jam 2020

All Games of Global Game Jam 2020


6 people voted for this game. Overall the game ranked #7 at the Jam!


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