YOU are cheese



Lil marble maze game where you(the cheese) balance a mouse to eat MORE delicious cheese. Don't fall in the holes :-)

Play all the way through if you wanna see something cute!

Let us know how many mice it took you to win!

TLDR; watch the artist struggle playing this game(AKA gameplay):

Technology used

unity 3ds max photoshop

Help / Controls

controller wasd arrow keys


19 people rated this game.
Overall the game ranked #3 at the Jam!

This game was also rated in 8 other categories
  • Gameplay: 7.2631578947368425/10

  • Graphics: 7.052631578947368/10

  • Audio: 7.473684210526316/10

  • Innovation: 5.052631578947368/10

  • Story: 4.473684210526316/10

  • Technical: 6.7894736842105265/10

  • Controls: 6.526315789473684/10

  • Humor: 7.105263157894737/10


Daxter (1 year 7 months ago)

Das sieht schon ober niedlich aus! :D

Madeleine (1 year 7 months ago)

super niedlich, krass schwer! :O

Qanar (1 year 6 months ago)

mouse #135 ^^ ouch geiles game

Qanar (1 year 6 months ago)

after playing all of the games i have to say this is my favorite game outside of our own game =) congratz

RuefulRaptor (1 year 6 months ago)

Great game, very addictive! But damn, those hit boxes xD

Qanar (1 year 6 months ago)

mouse #83

Boarix (1 year 6 months ago)

rage quit potential ergo addictive and great to play. feels good to get the cheese after 100 tries lol. i think control with mouse movement would be awesome. great job!

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