Franky Steins Finest


In "Cut/eness" you step into the shoes of Dr. Franky Stein, on a mission to deliver sweet dreams to children. Each child has a unique wish for a dream animal, but due to limited resources caused by high inflation, you can only create a single creature per city. To grant these wishes, you stitch together parts from different animals based on the children's dreams. However, despite your good intentions, your monster tends to frighten the children. But why? Embark on this whimsical journey to unravel the mystery and bring joy to young dreamers.

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Godot Engine

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This game was created
at IGJam #14

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12 people rated this game.
Overall the game ranked #7 at the Jam!

This game was also rated in 6 other categories
  • Gameplay: 5.333333333333333/10

  • Graphics: 7.583333333333333/10

  • Innovation: 7.25/10

  • Story: 5.5/10

  • Technical: 6.25/10

  • Humor: 7.5/10


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